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Windows 8 OS
I would like to say, that the developers who took part in OS creating from the very beginning can become victims of local anarchy and frauds. The operating systems were results of various people participation and creativity. From Windows 95 until now we were working in the feild maybe time after time, but there was no guarantee we were to receive any payments. Being located in the far-away regions from the capitals, where we could be paid,  it hard to judge why the local authorities did not reward  our previous efforts in computing, and I was sure the same story would happen to you, if you were living in remote areas, where they were no commitment from the side of the authorities to pay for those enthusiasts for their prepositions, ideas, and overall participation and ralative role in computing. The leadership in provincial areas would never estimate one's recent part  in modern technolgies, and their attitude to this is of the pimp-whore kind, for they never cared. That is why we ask some finacial support and the global media offence against those who are responsible for the required payments. As to seclusion, they would like to use the  global network  to attack them first of all by the global media, because as I have mentioned, it will happen to you and you would never receive any money as well, because of local injustice. Publicities would not be enough, and the facts were the users of such systems would never say even "Thanks" for them. As far as we had reached Windows 8 and Vista, you could demand special awards for those who were on the run long ago or they had forgotten or neglected them.
Category: My articles | Added by: Stimour (2012-11-16)
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