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Category: My articles | Added by: Stimour (2012-10-12)
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4 Stimour  
One of the method to prevent entering sites by robots and programs is picture codes. Their choice is quite reasonable, because firstly we invented control questions also to prevent certain group of users access sites. For instance, question "What is fonts" : 1. Letters 2. Numbers 3.Words will prevent children access to the site, but they can guess the answer and it will emerge another questions, and it would be long time to do it as quiz. The Ticketmaster's Control Systems are most effective to prevent the unauthorized access. But nobody sure the ticket data won't leak, and you have to change ticket data at least 2-3 times a month or after you have suspected it has been transfered to the other party.

3 ichPaul_Lubo  
Anyway, you need wild-cards. For most simple hacking is just stealing the drive. I will give you the example of a wild-card. It is crypted, and all you have to remember 3 letters, and it will be, for example, #ort excluded. You can store it on your drive, even if it will be uploaded or stolen, it will take efforts to decrypt it, including mailbox log-ons.
keywords: sasha#, mental#, petrov#
keyboard passwords for unknown areas: vbghyu78#, 98iujhnb#
mailbox passwords trusted: T678uiGh#, Е67trf3We#
and so on.
Answer: This is the low level of protecting the information by excluding or hiding part of data, it refers to a case when you have a lot of accounts and you want to store the registration data somehow. In any way it is better to memorize your logins and keep everything in head, especially the access data to your money accounts. Most use paper, others specialized software, and another means to protect their accounts.

2 Guest  
The technologies for protecting data are not sophisticated, just having standards and altered in the very notions up to the coding and other. For many users who are not active do not have to protect their storages because the unauthorized access to their accounts will not bring damage as they have not enough activities to emerge on the web.

1 Stimour  
Just entering the ballpark involves some pretty sophisticated technology. At the gate, tickets are scanned instantly using Windows Embedded-based handheld devices connected to Ticketmaster’s access control system. In an instant, ticket information is sent to Ticketmaster’s database inside the park and returned as valid, generating that familiar little “beep” and allowing entrance through the turnstiles. But the information doesn’t stop there.

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